After your registration is received you will be emailed a student information packet which will address several of these questions in greater detail. If you still don’t have your answer Submit Your Question.

What Is The Difference Between The Workshops?

Band Leadership Training 
These workshops, offered in one- and two-day formats, focus on the skills students need to be strong citizens in their band community and effective in leadership positions. Students learn the basics of these skills and then work on how to apply them when working with their peers.  Learn more about the BLT.

Marching Band Workshop
These camps provide specialized workshops for HS Color Guard, Percussion, Twirlers, Woodwind & Brass and Drum Majors.  The four day program provides instruction on technical performance and rehearsal skills as well as contextual lessons in citizenship and leadership skills. Learn more about the Marching Band Workshops.

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Is This The Drum Major Academy?

The George N. Parks Drum Major Academy (DMA) is a featured part of our Marching Band Workshops. DMA is intended for drum majors, or students interested in becoming one in the future.

Learn more on the Marching Band Workshops page.

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What Is The Premium Package?

The Premium Package is a single registration for both the Marching Band and Leadership Training Workshop at West Chester University. By registering as the Premium Package students receive a discounted price and may stay in the dorms for the night in between the workshops. For more information about the Premium Package please contact Vivace Productions

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What are the Director & Staff Sessions?

These workshops are part of the Marching Band Workshops at West Chester. The workshops are available to band directors, as well as brass, woodwind, percussion and color guard instructors of all experience levels. Vivace hires a diverse slate of experienced clinicians from across the country. Directors can pick-and-choose the courses that they attend, literally creating their own schedule. Get more information on the Workshop Details page.

Graduate Credit is available from West Chester University of Pennsylvania (WCU) for participants of the WCU Marching Band Workshop Director & Staff Sessions. The Sessions are offered as part of the WCU College of Visual and Performing Arts Samuel Barber Institute for Music Educators. Contact WCU for more information.

Pennsylvania ACT 48 credit is available to participants of any Marching Band Workshop Director & Staff Sessions. Contact Vivace Productions for more information.

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What Does It Cost And What Is Included?

The cost varies depending on the workshop and options selected.

The 4 Hour Band Leadership Seminars costs $65 per student.  It includes a workbook and t-shirt and free attendance by accompanying directors / staff.  A school sending 10 or more students can receive a group rate of $60 per student. Contact the office to receive a code that students may use to receive the discount if registering online.

The 2 Day Band Leadership Training Weekends has a base cost of $300.  Students may save money if they choose to commute; conversely an additional fee is added for those wishing to check in the night before. The $300 fee covers tuition, lodging, meals, a workbook, and shirt. Directors wishing to attend the conference have a discounted fee and must work out housing arrangements with Vivace Productions.

The 4 Day Marching Band Workshops have a base cost of $545.  Students may save money if they choose to commute; conversely an additional fee is added for those wishing to check in the night before. The fee covers tuition, lodging and meals. The fees are much more variable for directors attending the Director sessions as they may select hotel housing with the option for a single room and may choose to add or delete the meal plan.  The price for each option is listed in the registration form.

Students attending both the Leadership Weekend and Marching Band Workshop at West Chester can save nearly $100 by registering for the Premium Package instead of both camps individually. It includes everything from the residential package for both camps and allows the student to stay checked in their room and receive dinner on Sunday night.

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How Do I Register?

You can register for workshops one of four ways:

Online – Select your workshop from the options on the registration page
You may choose to pay in full or make a deposit via credit card or indicate that a school or booster check or Purchase Order will be mailed following the online submission.

Mail – Send completed registration forms to:
Vivace Productions, Inc.
27 Hayward St Unit 2
Attleboro, MA 02703

A non-refundable deposit is due with the registration form.
Check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, or Purchase Order is accepted.

Phone – Call Vivace Productions, Inc. toll free at 800.264.1121
A Visa or MasterCard is required to register by phone.

Registrations are not considered complete until a minimum $50 deposit is received.

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Are There Scholarships or Discounts Available?

Colorguard and Percussion students participating in the Cavalcade of Band Association’s Indoor Championship may be eligible to win a scholarship presented to two of the participating schools each year.
Directors attending a director workshop are eligible to win a raffled scholarship to be used for themselves or a student for the next year’s workshop.
Many attendees receive scholarships from their home band booster / parents association.

An annual Super Early Bird and Early Bird registration rate is available to students registering for overnight workshops prior to Jan 1st or April 1st each year.  Registration opens on November 1st.
A school sending 10 or more students to one of the 1 day workshops is eligible for a $5 discount per student.
Directors with 5 or more students attending a Marching Band Workshop may receive a discount on a director or staff attendance.

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How Do I Receive A Receipt / Acquire a Refund?

Refund requests must be made in writing (emails are acceptable) at least two weeks before the start of the workshop. Requests received after this deadline will only be considered in extenuating circumstances. A processing fee will be charged.

Orders made online and over the phone will automatically be sent a receipt to the email entered with the billing information. Otherwise you may contact Vivace Productions for payment receipt requests

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When Is The Money Due?

Students may register with a minimum $50 deposit. A student submitting a registration form is NOT considered registered until the deposit is received OR a Purchase Order number is provided if the school is covering the student’s cost.

The total balance is due before the start of the workshops. Students MAY bring a check when they check-in but it is preferred if the balance is paid before that date.

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When Is The Last Day To Register?

Students must register for the overnight workshops at least 2 weeks prior to the workshop’s start date. Registrations may be accepted after this date dependent on space available. A late registration fee of $20 is assessed to any registration accepted after this 2 week deadline.

Students may register on the day of the workshop for the single day Leadership Training programs. Groups or members of groups not pre-registered at least a day in advance for these events are not eligible for the group discount available.

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When Do I Need To Arrive? 

Arrival and departure (check-in and check-out) times vary by workshop. Specific times can be found in the information packets, sent via email after registration is received. Check-in is early morning (between 7-9am) and check out is mid to late afternoon of the last day (2-3 pm).

Early Arrival Option
Residential participants unable to check-in at the regular time may opt to check-in 7-9pm the night before for an additional $40 fee by choosing the “early arrival” option when registering.

Airplane / Train / Bus
Participants arriving by bus, train, or airplane, and do not have a direct route to the workshop should contact Vivace Productions to make arrangements for pick-up or drop-off. (not available for all workshops).

Late Arrival & Early / Late Departure
Vivace Workshops are tightly packed with material and very little excess time, as such participants are strongly encouraged to make arrangements NOT to arrive late or leave early. However, if no such arrangements are possible students must contact Vivace Productions prior to the first day of the workshop. There is no discount for any participant who has to arrive late, or leave early.

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What About Participant Housing and Meals?

Student Housing
Resident participants at the 2 and 4 day workshops will be housed in suite styled air-conditioned dormitories on campus.  Only two residents per room.

Roommate Requests
Roommate requests must be made at the time of registration and least four weeks before the workshop, and will only be considered if both people request each other. Requests are not guaranteed, although every effort is made to honor them; only two people per room.  Rooming assignments will not be changed once students arrive to campus.

Director & Staff Housing
Directors attending the West Chester Workshop may request housing reservations at a local hotel.  Requests for hotel lodging must be received by Vivace Productions no later than 14 days before the workshop. Contact Vivace Productions for more information.


Meals are not provided at the 1 day workshops.

Residential students at the 4 day Marching Band Workshops will eat at the University Dining Hall. The hall operates at full service providing a multitude of options at every meal with consideration for individuals with various dietary restrictions meals.

A meal plan is NOT included for commuter students at the 4 day program although it may be purchased in entirety at registration or individual meals may be purchased by cash or credit card at the dining hall during the workshop.

Meals ARE included for both residents and commuters at the two-day Leadership Training Workshop.

Meals are included for Director & Staff Session participants who have chosen a meal plan.

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What Is The Supervision?

Throughout the day the students are supervised by the instructional staff which is mostly comprised of college and high school band directors and staff. 

The instructional staff is supported by counselors from the Clinic Leadership Intern Program (CLIP). CLIP staff is comprised of college students, majoring in music education and hand-picked by Vivace Productions for their leadership qualities and experience in the field of education. The CLIP staff and CLIP Supervisor stay in the dorm buildings and provide 24-hour supervision and support for the students.

All staff and counselors undergo state and federal background checks.

For information about workshop clinicians go to the Clinicians Page.

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What Should I Bring?

Leadership Workshop participants will only need a notebook and writing implement for their sessions; there is no need to bring any instruments or equipment.

Marching Band Workshop participant needs vary by session:

  • All students are advised to bring a notebook and writing implement to all sessions.
  • NO EQUIPMENT OR INSTRUMENTS WILL BE PROVIDED, battery percussionists, instrumentalists and twirlers should all bring their own instruments. The only exception is for students participating in the Pit Percussion workshop – large front ensemble instruments will be made available .
  • Drum Majors are required to bring the Dynamic Drum Major text book. It is available for purchase at registration and will also be available to purchase on campus. Old editions of the book are acceptable if a student has access to one from their band director. (Books are NOT mailed; they are picked up at camp check-in).

Bed & Bath Linens / Toiletries
Vivace Productions and the workshop facilities do not supply bed or bath linens or any toiletries. Participants are responsible for these items. The beds are Twin XL but a regular twin sheet can be made to fit and many students find it easier to simply bring a sleeping bag and pillow.

Refrigerators / Food & Drinks / Other Supplies
There are no refrigerators or microwaves in the dorms. Participants are in their dormitory room for a very short period of time, and are only permitted in their room during the day for emergencies. Some students choose to bring drinks and snacks that do not need to be kept cold.  Vending machines are available in the lobbies of the dorm buildings.

Workshop Attire
T-shirts and shorts are the usual attire for summer workshops.  Sneakers are required for outdoor workshops. Participants are asked to use their best judgment when dressing for workshop sessions and choose appropriate clothes. “If I wouldn’t wear it to rehearsal at school I shouldn’t wear it here.”

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What About First Aid / Medical Form?

A first aid station will be open during sessions with an EMT on duty. For the protection and treatment of sunburn and soreness students are asked to bring Band-Aids, Noxzema, sun screen, ace bandages, and comfortable shoes or sneakers.

Special Needs
Participants must sign a medical / consent form, to be submitted online prior to check-in. This form includes an area to list any special needs, medical or otherwise, that a participant may have, including allergies, diseases, and disorders. The university dining hall is equipped with a significant variety of offerings to accommodate students with food allergies and dietary needs.
For students with conditions that require significant special needs or accommodations we request you please contact Vivace Productions in advance.

I Don’t Identify With The Genders Listed On The Registration Form

We accept all students to our workshops. We do divide the dorm housing by traditional gender identities. If you have concerns regarding this, call this office and we will be happy to make sure you have a welcoming and safe workshop experience.

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What Is A Typical Daily Schedule?

Typically students report to their first session at 8:30 am.  They are responsible for getting themselves up and to breakfast each day and will depart for the first session as a group from the dining hall.
They break for at least an hour for lunch midday and then return to sessions for the afternoon.  Majority of the afternoon sessions occur indoors to avoid the hottest hours of the day.
After dinner students return to session until 9.
At the Kutztown location there are opportunities for group leisure activities until 10, the West Chester workshop features concerts each night. The Leadership Weekend workshop continues its evening session until 10pm.
Students return to the dorms together where they are given time to settle in and shower before staff performs room checks and calls for lights out around 11:30 pm.
Times listed here are approximate and may be adjusted due to any number of factors and the entire schedule may be inverted as we need to work outdoor sessions around weather. At the end of each session announcements and reminders will be made to the students with the specific timing and locations of the next session / event.

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Is There Free Time?

This is primarily an educational workshop and there is minimal free time. A schedule of evening social and recreational activities has been planned for some of the overnight workshops. These activities vary by location, and can include concerts, drum corps exhibitions or a social.

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What Is The Final Demonstration?

Final Demonstrations are held on the last day of the Marching Band Workshops. This is a chance for the workshop participants to show what they have learned. Participation is required and students are free to go after the conclusion of the demonstration. Family and friends are encouraged to attend. Information regarding time and location are in the camp information packet received after registration and also when you check-in to the workshop.

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