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Vision, Commitment, Action

Capable student leaders can make the difference between a good ensemble and a great one. They can motivate their peers, instill pride, and inspire outstanding performances. These exciting workshops will teach them how. Led by a nationally acclaimed expert, Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, the Band Leadership Training (BLT) Workshops will teach leadership skills that can take your band program to the next level.  All participants are actively involved. This is not a lecture based workshop; students are engaged through activities, examples, and valuable information 

  • 2 Day Program Available at University of Northern Colorado July 12-13 and West Chester University July 20-21  --  Download the Brochure

  • 1 Day Program Available at American Fork HS UT, Westfield HS VA, Sioux Falls, SD, Ankeny HS, IA, Lafayette HS LA, Overton HS TN, Nation Ford HS SC, and Homewood HS AL --  Download the Brochure

Featured Clinicians
Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser
Dr. John Villella
Professor Heidi Sarver


For Brass & Woodwind Instrumentalists

Everyone involved with your marching band program will benefit from this comprehensive and dynamic workshop. The country's best clinicians lead brass and woodwind students of all experience levels in sessions that focus on the fundamentals of every successful band. Student's will learn the newest techniques and the latest leadership skills, and go home with everything they need to jump-start the marching band season.

Featured Clinicians
Andrew Yozviak

• Greg Martin
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Flag, Rifle, & Saber

The color guard program is organized by Todd Marcocci and his staff of nationally recognized clinicians. The sessions are designed for students of all experience levels, and guaranteed to motivate and improve individual performance skills.

Featured Clinicians
Todd Marcocci
• Additional Staff of Nationally Recognized Instructors

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Marching Battery & Pit Percussion

The Marching and Pit Percussion Tracks incorporate the techniques necessary to develop a quality percussion program. Students can then apply these fundamentals to all styles and mediums of percussion performance. As the workshop progresses, students will be challenged to maintain basic percussion skills while developing reading and musicianship skills.
Thom Hannum's Mobile Percussion Seminar (West Chester University only) is carefully designed to develop the mental and physical aspects of percussion performance. Emphasis is placed on technique, reading, and musicianship, as well as a positive attitude, leadership skills, and uniform playing style.

Featured Clinicians

• Thom Hannum

• Darren Hazlett

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Eyes With Pride

The George N. Parks Drum Major Academy is the ultimate experience for drum major training. The program is designed for current and aspiring drum majors. Every student will receive personalized instruction, including video analysis of conducting, marching, and leadership skills. Each student returns to his or her school as an enthusiastic asset to their band program.


Featured Clinicians

Heidi Sarver
Select Members of the Nationally Recognized 
DMA Staff

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Single and Multiple Batons

The Twirling Session focuses on many different fundamentals and skills that are essential to the art of baton twirling.
Overall instruction is provided in different areas of guard, dance, and twirling, as well as a focus on the individual needs of each student.

Featured Clinicians
Rebe Jones-Williams

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Current and Future Band Directors and Staff

These sessions promise to stimulate and motivate band directors and instructional staff members of all experience levels. Exciting opportunities for networking with other directors and instructors, and sharing experiences with the nation's foremost clinicians in small group and one-on-one sessions are invaluable resources. Participants build their own curriculum from a list of session courses.  Three hours of development hours are recognized by Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

See the clinician staff for this summer at the Director Workshop Clinician Page

You may receive up to three hours of Graduate Credit from West Chester University for your workshop participation.  For graduate credit you must register through the university and not through Vivace Productions. Go to West Chester University College of Visual and Performing Arts for more information about Graduate Credit.

Attend the Director & Staff Sessions for Free! 

Discounts are available for Director & Staff Session participants whose school sends 15+ students!
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Vivace Productions office.

Leadership Training Workshops Focus On:
• Leadership Characteristics
• Communication
• Behavior Modification vs. Motivation
• Time Management
• Dealing with Insecurities
• Fundamentals of Self-Discipline
• Setting and Reaching Goals
• Value of Risk
• Setting High Standards of Excellence

Anticipated Outcomes Being:

• Independent Carry Through
• Sensitivity to Peers

• Development of a Positive Attitude
• Understanding of I/Me vs We/Us

• Understanding Concepts of Complacency
• Increased Level of Cooperation

The Marching Percussion Track Focuses On:
• Stick or Mallet Selection
• Grip Maintenance and Posture
• Stroke Types, Beat Patterns, and Rebound Contro
• Uniform Sticking and Dynamic Control
• Use of Playing Zones and Sound Production
• Rehearsal Technique
• Musicianship Skills
• Student Leadership Skills​

The Pit Percussion Track Focuses On:
• Stick or Mallet Selection
• Grip Maintenance and Posture
• Two, Three, and Four Mallet Techniques
• Uniform Sticking and Dynamic Control
• Scale Study and Chord Progressions
• Rehearsal Technique
• Musicianship Skills
• Student Leadership Skills​

Marching Band Sessions Focus On:
• Musicianship Skills
• Student Leadership Skills
• Marching Styles & Techniques
• How to March and Clean Drill Sets
• Listening Skills for Better Ensemble Sound

Color Guard Sessions Focus On:
• Hands-on Equipment Sessions
• Dance & Body Movement
• Leadership & Motivational Skills
• Video Examples & Discussions
• Color Guard Design

Previously Featured Clinicians
Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser
• Wayne Markworth
Randy Gilmore
• Thom Hannum
• Todd Marcocci
• J. Steven Moore
• Michael Cesario
• KC Michel
• Larry Markiewicz
• Frank Tracz
• April Gilligan
• Jeff Sactig
Ed Otto
• Will Rapp
• Andrew Yozviak

• Gary Czapinski

• Marie Czapinski

Previous Director & Staff Sessions Courses Include:
• Pyware Instruction
• Finale vs. Sibelius
• Tools for Better Rehearsal Management
• Teaching Comprehensive Musicianship
• Laban Techniques to Enhance Expressive Conducting
• Precision Marching Fundamentals
• From Drill Charts to Field Placement
• How to Adapt the Drill When Membership Changes
• Understanding General Effect
• Marching Band Percussion
• Individual Instruction for Percussion
• Warm-ups for Color Guard
• Writing/Cleaning Work for Color Guard
• Appropriate Visual Staging for Color Guard
• Choreography, Dance, Body, and Movement
• Winter Guard
• Arranging for Marching Bands
• Copyright Privileges
• The Total Package - Designers, Performers, and Competition
• Round Table Discussions with Top Clinicians

The Drum Major Academy Focuses On:
• Conducting 

• Teaching Peers
• Calling Commands

• Marching / Physical Presence
• Student Leadership Skills
• Motivation
• Mace Techniques (optional)

Twirling Sessions Focus On:
• Working With a Squad
• Unison Guard Work
• Squad and Parade Routines
• Choreography and Dance Skills
• Different Levels of Baton Work
• Flexible Individual Instruction